Heavy Machinery & Power Generators

Improving Emissions, Maintenance and Performance for Heavy Machinery

Our Engine Carbon and induction services are designed to work on any mobile and static, petrol or diesel combustion engine and is therefore ideally suited to heavy machinery and power generators, such as:

Earth movers & similar equipment

Key benefits across a range of mobile and static engines include:

Reduced emissions (for CO, HC, PM, NOx and CO2)
Restored power output
Increased engine efficiency
Extended vehicle and machinery lifecycle

If your heavy machinery is suffering from any of these, it could be due to carbon build-up:


Loss of Performance

Sluggishness, flat spots, louder rumbly engine and lumpy idle

Smokey Exhaust

Increased emissions
Failed MOT


Reduced Range

Using more fuel to travel the same distance

Repair Bills

Covering sticking turbos, blocked DPFs and EGR valves

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