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Suitable for any petrol, diesel or LPG engine from 500cc to 100 litres

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Every service begins with a full diagnostics scan to ascertain engine condition and running characteristics. if an issue is found that our services will not rectify the customer is notified before any work is commenced. During our services live data monitoring takes place.

After a diagnostic scan is completed an exhaust gas emissions test is conducted using our compliance level 8 GAS analyser. Tested emissions include carbon monoxide (CO) , No + No2 (nox) and hydrocarbons. A printout is provided displaying before and after tested data.

This helps show the before and after running conditions of the engine with a post serviced engine running efficiently shown in the exhaust gas readings.

Our services

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

DPF,SCR,DOC CAT, 24/7 fully mobile and self sufficient off-vehicle cleaning. This means we can come to you anywhere anytime to get you moving again. We have a team of mobile mechanics that will come to your work or home to remove and reinstall your DPF/Exhaust components after we’ve performed our regeneration process.

Engine Carbon & Induction Cleaning

On vehicle Induction and engine carbon cleaning using a combination of a non-hydrocarbon 3 part chemical and Oxyhydrogen technology (HHO). We also offer component removal and off vehicle cleaning depending faults detected and running characteristics. To keep the induction system free of oil and build up we offer Provent & HPD oil fumes separators diesel pre-filter kits.

Mobile Exhaust Gas Analysing

Mobile Exhaust Gas Analysing using our state of the art compliance level 8 gas analyser/smoke tester with a full report printout. Whether it’s the last step to engineer your modified engine or to diagnose an issue, we’ve got you covered. Post and Pre engine carbon clean service readings taken with all data provided.

Full Vehicle Diagnostics

Full Vehicle diagnostics with live data monitoring during works. We do not begin work on any vehicle before running a full diagnostics check. If you’ve booked us to resolve a specific issue and we find our services will not rectify the problem you will be notified and charged a small call out/diagnostics fee only.


We use and recommend all products we supply. Free fitting is included with Stage 2 Carbon Cleans.

Mann + Hummel ProVent Vehicle Kits

Replacement ProVent Filters

High Performance Diesel Billet Catch Can Kits

IDRIVE Throttle Booster Units

Diesel Fuel Pre Filter Vehicle Kits

Fuel Performance Catalyst Additive

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